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Jazz Hands Small Batch Hand Sanitizer, 60ml

Jazz Hands Small Batch Hand Sanitizer, 60ml

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Mo‘s Tonic

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Delightfully hydrating and hand-crafted, this organic hand sanitizer from Mo's Tonics gently cleans without destroying your skin's mantle or disrupting your skin's health. Stash one in your bag to make sure you're covered when soap and water aren't nearby! You will absolutely fall in love with this product as it smells fantastic with key ingredients like lavender and lemongrass. It makes us want to put our hands in the air and sing, as it’s pure magic. Jazz Hands is created in small batches in the Catskills of New York using effective, organic ingredients that won’t leave you smelling or feeling like your hands are covered in chemicals. Trust us when we say that this incredible blend protects you from germs, smells amazing and leaves your hands feeling soft and supple. We love it, and you will too!


Product Details

  • Contains a complex blend of organic plant botanicals
  • Offered in 60ml aluminum spray bottle
  • Product does NOT contain alcohol

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