April Cornell

For over forty years, April’s signature designs have set the stage for countless memories. From holidays with the grandkids to dinners amongst family and friends, we are all truly honored to be woven into the fabric of so many wonderful peoples' lives.

April Cornell crafts beautiful clothes and timeless linens to enrich your life. Their unique style, deep commitment to quality, and exquisite detailing are integral hallmarks of the brand.

Evoking natural and romantic motifs by cherishing a tradition of heartfelt artistry, their hope is to present clothing and home decor that connects you to your true self.

From tableware based on April’s watercolor paintings to dresses and nighties with gorgeous vintage embellishments, April Cornell thrives on creativity and believes in a world that celebrates the unique beauty of all women.

Their designs are influenced by a love of nature, a passion for color, and a deep appreciation for traditional textiles and techniques, and many of these beautiful prints are exclusive to Modern Prairie! The brand is committed to preserving and celebrating the art of handcrafted textiles, and many of its products are made using time-honored methods such as block printing, embroidery, and hand quilting.

  • CEO & Founder, April Cornell

  • April and her watercolor

“Comparison is the death of creativity. You can be inspired by others, but don’t measure yourself to them.

Creative people should give you energy — not diminish it. Watching creativity, people making, doing thinking, listening to live, music is exciting to me.

And last but not least — my latest mantra —Today is today. Be fully you.

— April Cornell

The team at April Cornell is passionate, creative, empathetic, and incredible at what they do. We feel so fortunate to be able to introduce our collaboration of home textiles and apparel with you.

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“Making a home everywhere — on an airplane, a hotel, a cabin a kitchen table. If you create a corner of beauty to help you focus, life will follow your direction.

Flowers, pencils, paints, a notebook, books. A small vase with the curves of a woman can establish an inspiring zone quickly.

Feels like home.”

— April Cornell