Mo’s Tonic

Modern Prairie is proud to support female artisans like Mo Petkus! Her company creates small-batch, apothecary treasures by hand in the Catskills of New York.

Scent has always been a fascinating and complex issue in Mo’s life, so when she was graced with an opportunity to study aromatherapy with a veteran aromatherapist, Amy Galper at the NY Institute of Aromatherapy in NYC, she couldn’t refuse! It was through her study of essential oils, and more specifically, the impact scent and essential oils have upon the human spirit and body, that she became more and more interested in shifting her priorities to focus on this arena.

  • The notion that what we put on our bodies also finds its way into our bodies, really resonated with Mo, and this awareness was revelatory on a few levels. In January of 2014, she made a commitment to herself that only therapeutic, organic, or wild-harvested products would find their way onto her skin. Today, she’s convinced that her overall health has been elevated as a result of the products used in Mo’s Tonics.

  • Mo has made a conscious commitment to sustainability, which means that everything used in her tonics does not come at the expense of something else. As an example, when Lavender is used, she plants more so that it does not impact the pollination cycle of the bees. Her thoughtful approach to product creation, and to the wellness of her consumers, comes through in the small batch apothecary goods that she creates — which we know you will love.

    Go ahead, enjoy the outdoors! Mo’s tonic makes it so easy!

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