About Us

“Growing older has given me the confidence and permission to discover my authentic self.  I have become more empowered by embracing change and my reaction to it and now understand the importance of slowing down.  

That includes being more mindful and appreciative of the little things, along with my connections to other people. 

This is rooted. This is confident. This is a woman who has earned her opinions.”

– Melissa, Back to the Prairie  

Modern Prairie is a brand centered around the modern, mature women and their needs, focusing on empowering them to regain their confidence through aging.

As we age it can feel like a struggle to be seen and heard which can result in us feeling isolated or that we don’t belong. At Modern Prairie, we want to change that by creating a space where women can share their stories, ask questions and learn from each other.

Our goal is to facilitate a journey of (re)discovering what’s possible —

We aim to amplify, celebrate, and connect women’s voices – those who have embraced change and who are making changes in the world.

As we embark on this adventure together, we promise to focus on relevant topics, activities and products from women, Modern Mavens, who have come from different backgrounds and life experiences — and have embraced their aging journeys. We will share their stories through the content on our site, virtual events and social media channels to give you an opportunity to engage directly.

You will find our narrative authentic, honest and inclusive —

We accept you as you are — and we see you.

We believe that “it’s never too late to find your natural self ... brave change, open your heart, and evolve.”

Join Melissa and the Modern Prairie community as we choose to (re)discover what inspires us —