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What is the Modern Prairie App?

Our Modern Prairie App is aimed at creating a community that empowers women to come together to learn, share and grow. It is centered around modern, mature women and their needs, focusing on encouraging them to build confidence as they age – gratefully. As we age it can feel like a struggle to be seen, heard, and valued which can result in us feeling isolated or that we don’t belong. Within our app you are important, visible, and relevant! You can connect, discuss important topics, learn, and more.

You belong here! Explore, engage, connect, and have fun! So what are you waiting for? Grab your girlfriends and get inspired!


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Download from the App store or head to access on the web and get started!


Set up your preferences! What groups are you interested in? Gardening, crafting, cooking, engaging with Melissa Gilbert, and more!


Start Sharing! Post a story, comment on another’s post, engage with our expert "Trusted Prairians", and have fun. Don’t forget to tag it with a relevant # that will help others find your information later.

Ex. Sharing a recipe for garlic bread, use #garlicbread. Asking a question about gardening or sharing a garden tip? Use #GreenThumb or #gardeningtip

If you find something interesting, share it with a friend by clicking on the arrow below the post to share in numerous ways (social, email, or copy the link).


Invite your friends & family to join the conversation!

Benefits Of Joining The Modern Prairie App

Melissa’s corner gets you behind the scenes access to all things Melissa. Including videos, chats, and messages ONLY available on the App.

Behind the scenes & outtakes of The Knitty Gritty Podcast with Melissa Gilbert, Susie Shubert, and their special guests.

Direct access to our Trusted Prairians, our experts who will share their secrets. Including full length videos, direct chat, interviews, and more.

Sneak peaks, pre-order and early access to Modern Prairie products and events.

Sense of belonging... our community app is intended to help you engage with other women who share your common interests. Explore, share, learn, grow, and have fun.

Quality content: We've made sure that what modern prairie is providing is relative to your interests. You can personalize your feed. See what you want to see, not what an algorithm provides for you. You control who you engage with - no more uncomfortable situations. Some of our weekly topics include:

  • Mindful Monday inspirations to kick off your week.
  • Green Thumb Tips & Tricks provide valuable information & answers questions on all things gardening.
  • Weekly recipes & kitchen tips.
  • Prairie Crafts lessons, inspirations and classes on everything crafty.
  • Be Well weekly posts to inspire .your self-care, self-discovery and well-being journey.
  • Modern Prairie Lifestyle inspirations.
  • Where have I been ?

    I’ve missed this app for 4 years ? My favorite actress, grew up watching & we’re the same age. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this fabulous app !

    Already see so many beautiful items I want :)

    I know I’ll be spending lots of time here 💕


  • Encouragement and positive support!!

    This site is judgement free, encouraging and has so much positivity that I find myself checking many times through the day!!


  • Great App!

    Love this app! I love that it can feel like a way to escape from the craziness of this world and interact with others that bring you comfort. My favorite part is having your favorite childhood actor be a huge part of it and interact with the rest of us. Not a lot of celebrities out there even give you the time of day. This “place” is so refreshing!

    —Ky Girl Jules

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