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Rose Facial Mist Spritzer, 60ml

Rose Facial Mist Spritzer, 60ml

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Mo‘s Tonic

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We love a facial spray that hydrates, cools and smells amazing! Our Rose Hip facial spray is created in small batches in the Catskills of New York using an effective blend of organic ingredients like rose and lavender that are designed to hydrate all skin types, including those that can be dry or sensitive. Rose is mostly recognized to be refreshing, purifying, skin balancing and soothing - plus it smells amazing and takes us to a place of fondness. Give yourself a nice refresh and lightly mist the face, neck or anywhere you please except for the eyes. It will cool you down on a hot day, and comfort you on those days when you need a reminder that all will eventually be well. Rose Hip will become your new best friend!

The makers at Mo’s Tonic are mindful to the origin of their products and use fair trade, sustainable, organic or wild harvested products whenever possible. We share their belief that the origin and care of the plant’s harvest and distillation is equally important and even more relevant when delivering a product to you and your family.

These products have purposeful integrity from start to finish and we think they are pretty terrific, and hope that your experience is the same.

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  • Made from organic, all-natural ingredients
  • 60 ml
  • Handmade in USA

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