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Modern Prairie Signature Tea Nests

Modern Prairie Signature Tea Nests

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Searching for a unique, beautiful and functional tea infuser? Something different for a Thank-You, Birthday, Co-Worker, Secret Santa, Graduation gift?

A nest style infuser is just the thing! It fits perfectly on top of a mug or teapot and makes a great gift for tea-lovers or just those that enjoy a moment to relax.

Why do we love a "nest" style infuser?
✓ Easy and enjoyable to use
✓ Allows the tea to fully infuse
✓ Quick and simple cleanup
✓ Never gets too hot to handle:As wood is a natural insulator, after the hot water has permeated the delicate leaves of your loose tea, you will find your tea will still be hot.

This is handmade by a father and son team using various exotic or locally harvested hardwoods that set off a fantastic grain pattern, and they are carefully wrapped and shipped safely nestled in a suitable-sized box for proper shipping.

Please keep in mind that as a natural wood product, the nests are extremely durable but not dishwasher safe. Simply wipe the wood clean, wash out the stainless steel mesh nest, and air dry.

Product Details

  • Base hand-carved in 100% natural wood
  • Infuser made from 100% stainless steel mesh
  • Base engraved with Modern Prairie signature logo
  • Use with any loose leaf tea atop mug of your choice
  • Hand made in the USA

Product Care

  • Do not put in dishwasher
  • Wipe wooden base clean with a damp cloth
  • Hand rinse stainless steel infuser
  • Air dry

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