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Lemongrass & Lime Candle, 8 oz.

Lemongrass & Lime Candle, 8 oz.

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Light the Way...Fresh and exotic, our Lemongrass & Lime scented candle is a honeymoon villa in the rainforests of Bali: Romantic, invigorating, and rich with possibility. Fragrant lemongrass mingles with creamy coconut and bright key lime to inspire wanderlust in even the most dedicated homebody.

We are proud to support Bright Endeavors whose mission is to strengthen families by partnering with young moms as they progress toward housing stability, economic mobility, and family well-being. At Bright Endeavors, young moms engage in a comprehensive, paid job training program where they gain career skills, a professional network, and a set of tools to help them thrive in their chosen profession, all while learning what is required to power a manufacturing and distribution operation for our growing home fragrance brand.

20% of every purchase of a Bright Endeavors candle from Modern Prairie directly supports their job training program and the women who participate.

Interested in donating directly? Please click HERE

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