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Flower Press Tool Kit

Flower Press Tool Kit

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Introducing our exquisite flower press—a blend of elegance and functionality designed to press multiple flowers simultaneously. With over 30 years of experience in flower pressing, our press embodies all essential components for successful flower preservation. Each floral press is accompanied by clear instructions for effortless use.

Ideal for all floral enthusiasts, our flower presses make for the perfect seasonal gift. Available in natural wood adorned with a charming floral etching, they serve as both efficient flower presses and stunning decor pieces for any tabletop or counter setting.

Originating in France, Moulin Roty has become internationally recognized for its commitment to creating toys that engage the imagination and expand the mind while using materials of the highest quality. Age 5+

Product Details

  • Made from plywood and metal
  • Measures 8.5" L X 7" W
  • Recommended for ages 5+
  • The natural wooden press has brass hardware.
  • Each press comes assembled and ready to use

How to Use a Flower Press:  Cut blotting paper to fit the size of your wood flower press.After pressing as detailed above, arrange a collection on 1 pre-cut sheet of blotting paper without plants overlapping.After arranging plants, cover with a second sheet of blotting paper to create a sandwich.Repeat until you have arranged each plant for pressing into a “sandwich”.Next, stack “sandwiches” of plants between the two wood boards of the press. (If your wood flower press has corrugated cardboard like mine, place the stack in between these first. See the reference below.)Then tightly close with screws or leather straps depending on your wood flower press.For reference a flower press should go in this order:Wood BoardCardboardBlotting Paper – sandwich part 1Flowers and Plants – sandwich part 2Blotting Paper – sandwich part 3(repeat here as needed for additional 3 part sandwiches)CardboardWood BoardHow long do you leave flowers in a flower press?Flowers and plants typically dry in 1 to 2 weeks. Store your flower press away from heat or direct sunlight in a dry place. For thicker plants replace blotting paper and dry for an additional 1 to 2 weeks.Trial and error will teach how to place each bloom to look their best when pressed. We often test different ways to arrange leaves and blooms on one or two blotting paper sandwiches for every new plant we press. 

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