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Bench Scraper in Cherrywood

Bench Scraper in Cherrywood

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Perfect for every pastry and bread enthusiasts, this clever bench scraper is a wooden tool that belongs in every baker's kitchen. Use it to clean flour and dough off benches and tabletops. Use it to cut and shape loaves and pastries, or to cut butter into pastry. Easily prevent wet dough from sticking by lightly coating the scraper in a dusting of flour before use. Ingenious in it's simplicity, this wooden bench scraper also has the perfect wide and sturdy surface for ingredient transfer. Developed exclusively with Modern Prairie, you'll find new ways of utilizing this hearty, hand carved kitchen tool on the regular!

Product Details

  • Made from cherrywood
  • Ergonomic groove for easy gripping
  • Handmade in the USA

Product Care

  • Hand wash only

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