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Wooden Biscuit Cutter in Cherrywood

Wooden Biscuit Cutter in Cherrywood

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Our rustic Wooden Biscuit Cutters are a best-seller, and in our homes they have become a new family heirloom! Made from a richly-hued cherrywood, this handy and homey biscuit cutter is cleverly carved to have a thin edge that gives your biscuits the perfect lift. 

Please note: If you love them, better buy them now cause they go faster than the biscuits you'll make with them!

A note from Melissa: In our house, biscuits were an everyday thing when I was a kid. And, of course, we used grandma's old, decidedly-worn biscuit cutter as people in the South often do. Once we got our hands on one of these handmade pieces, we retired our grandma's biscuit cutter to a place of honor.

Product Details

  • Made from cherrywood
  • Measures 2.5" X 2.5" X 4"
  • Weighs 6.4oz
  • Made in the USA

Product Care

  • Hand wash only
  • Do not put in the dishwasher
  • Do not soak in the sink.
  • We recommend wiping with a damp cloth after use
  • Periodically, if needed, use beeswax or food-safe mineral oil for upkeep.

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