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Limited Edition: Modern Prairie Winterbark Pine Candle

Limited Edition: Modern Prairie Winterbark Pine Candle

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Bright Endeavors

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Infuse elegance into your home with our beautiful hand-molded candle inspired by the glacial landscape ridges of Wisconsin. We've partnered with Rowe Pottery and Bright Endeavors to create this custom candle specifically for Modern Prairie in a finish we call Prairie Linen. The rich scent of spruce mixed with spices will bring comfort to any home and make it feel like a forest wonderland. The soft matte finish is gently stamped with the delicate Modern Prairie logo and the ridged impressions are made by the potter’s hands at the wheel. The glaze on the reusable vessel is dishwasher and microwave safe and won’t stain. From our artisans hands to your home...enjoy!

As an added bonus, 20% of every purchase of a Bright Endeavors candle from Modern Prairie directly supports their job training program and the young moms who participate.


Product Details

  • High-quality soy wax candle
  • Ridges Vessel measures 4" H, handmade by Rowe Pottery
  • Candle has 80 hour burn time
  • Lead-free wick

Product Care

  • Do not leave candle burning unattended
  • Reuse lovely, dishwasher-safe pottery vessel once candle has burned away!

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