Modern Prairie Presents:

A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday

A loving reminder that it’s often the little mishaps, messes, and unexpected ‘whoopsies’ that make the best memories.  

We teamed up with Chef Cheryl to create some delectable dishes that were created especially for our Rowe Pottery collection.

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Yes, the finished product is stunning, but things can get messy during the holidays. Especially in the kitchen!

You’ll love how the non-stick finish on all our beautiful, handmade bakeware makes clean-up so easy. Can you tell that Melissa is impressed?

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In the spirit of embracing the Perfectly Imperfect, we’ve fall-en in love with our new Fall Apparel Collection. 

Be ready for anything as you step into your busy holiday season with an easy confidence.

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After all, once the table is set and it’s time to give thanks, everything always seems to come together in the end. We have so many delicious recipes here for you to recreate.

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Our holiday wish for you this year: Give yourself permission to be imperfect, be messy, be silly, and remember to savor every moment you can with the people you love. 

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