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Meet Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics

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Chris and Shelly have been in the ceramic’s world for over 20 years. Theirs is a love of all kinds of animals and each other. 🐱💓

They are committed to giving their customers the highest quality handmade ceramics with a modern touch!

All of their ceramics are handmade in high quality stoneware or porcelain and are produced in the green mountains of Vermont in what they call, The Bohemian Cat House!

It’s all about the tradition of craftsmanship and these incredibly talented artisans at the Crazy Cat Ladies studio create their ceramics by hand, the old-fashioned way – which takes time, nurturing and lots of attention. 

Every piece they make is completely unique and we like it that way. 

Their products are like an amazing piece of art where each tells fantastic stories through color, detail and construction…

Our limited edition, celebration mug is no exception and now you can have coffee or tea with Melissa and experience the storytelling that’s come to life on ceramic.


Stay tuned…this custom, collectors edition mug launches in October.

How It's Made