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Monday, November 14th 2022

The Art Of Pie Part 1 - It’s All About The Dough

The Foundation - It’s All About the Dough!

Get ready for the holidays! Join Melissa and Chef Cheryl as they show you how to make a tasty and flaky pie dough.

Have you ever struggled to make a classic all butter crust? How about a pie dough that rolls out with ease and does not fall apart? Or a simple fluted tart shell with no crimping?
Are you excited about improving your baking skills?
The biggest challenge to pie making is not having a consistent recipe for dough. Classic pie recipes are a struggle for most beginners because they all lack precision. Ever wondered why the amount of water is never exact in classic pie dough recipes? The answer is simple, and so is the solution.
In this live, virtual pie-making class with Chef Cheryl and Melissa, you will prepare dough from scratch using easy-to-master techniques.  After learning the secrets to preparing a pie dough that yields a buttery, crisp, tender crust, Chef with teach you how to keep your pie dough longer to use across both sweet and savory dishes.

COST: $10

Chef Cheryl and Melissa (along with other surprise guests!) will accompany you throughout the entire process. Master Chef Cheryl will share lists of necessary items and equipment ahead of time. We will record our live class, so if you forget something in the moment and need to revisit, you can return to the lesson if need be.

All recipes, tips & techniques will be shared for your reference with download.