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Monday, November 21st 2022

The Art Of Pie Part 2 - Essential Holiday Pies

Let's add our twist to the classics!

Holiday pies are a delightful treat that increases the fun of holiday celebration. Join Melissa and Chef Cheryl, author of "For the Love of Pies" in this live, virtual pie-making class. This class will build upon the previous workshop where Chef Cheryl taught us all how to make pie dough.
In this hands-on class, you will learn the techniques and secrets in making incredible pies from scratch. We will be making twists on classics like Pumpkin, and Pecan Pie that will be ready to serve for Thanksgiving Dinner and are sure to be crowd pleasers.

Cost: $75 (Group availability is limited)

Cooking class is fully interactive.

Chef Cheryl and Melissa (along with other surprise guests) will accompany you throughout the entire process.

Master Chef Cheryl will share lists of necessary ingredients and equipment ahead of time. We will record our live class, so if you forget something in the moment and need to revisit, you can return to the lesson if need be. All recipes, tips & tricks will be shared for your reference.

There will be enough time for questions in our "Ask A Chef" section during the course.

Participants will receive a 20% coupon code to be redeemed on Modern Prairie products with booking confirmation.


Recipes: Recipe links are sent with your booking confirmation.

Ingredients: Ingredient and equipment lists will be sent with your booking confirmation and can be adapted for dietary restrictions. 

Technology: Connect with the chef using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile device.  Link will be shared the morning of the event.

Class Participation: Chime in with questions through audio or chat. Use of video is optional.

Class Size: Spaces are limited to 50 participants to provide an opportunity for all guests to participate and ask questions.

Event Duration: 3 hours

Labels Baking, Fun, Holiday, Pastry