Introducing Myers Century Farm

Introducing Myers Century Farm

A multi-generational family-owned dairy farm located in beautiful Western Sullivan County, NY with roots dating back to 1837.


Meet the Family Behind Myers’ Century Farm


There are 4 generations represented in this image and during our visit we were able to witness the deep connection they have to their land, an understanding of its rhythms, and the profound respect this family holds for the cycles of life – including their cows. Yet, the Myers Family Story is not solely about the farm—it is about the people who call it home. It is about the bonds of family, forged by shared struggles and the triumphs that come from working side by side. It is about the joyous laughter that fills the farmhouse, the hearty meals that nourish both body and soul, and the unbreakable threads of love and faith that connect generations. It’s also about resilience and how each generation brings their own unique perspective about business.




Pete & Dawn (Myers – 6th Generation) Erlwein


Sawyer (7th generation), Kelsey (works in the plant with Ri), Wesley and Layne


Austin (7th generation), Maegan (creates all of the graphics for Ri’s Dairy), Evanne and Tucker

 Rianne Erlwein


Rianne Erlwein, along with her two brothers, Austin and Sawyer, spent their childhood on Myers Century Farm, nestled in the heart of Jeffersonville, NY. Growing up, their days were filled with working on the dairy alongside their parents and grandparents, where chores became a normal part of life. These moments spent with family were cherished and infused with excitement, often accompanied by thrilling adventures.

The farm provided Rianne and her brothers with countless joyous memories. Their grandparents, 14 aunts and uncles, and 20 first cousins, all residing in Jeffersonville and its surroundings, shared these moments. Whenever assistance was required on the farm, whether it be fixing equipment, tending to the crops, or even wrangling the occasional escaped catle, their relatives and friends were always there to lend a helping hand. The community exemplified the true spirit of teamwork, showcasing the deep bond between farming and family.

Rianne and her brothers were encouraged to leave the farm after high school to pursue a secondary education as it was not assumed that they would come back to the farm – and life in agriculture can be hard and unpredictable. In 2015, she graduated with honors, obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). Fulfilling a promise she made to her parents, Rianne pursued a career in nursing to diversify her skills and expand her horizons, understanding the uncertain nature of farming. Her healthcare education offers a unique perspective on farming practices, improved aseptic techniques, and the nutritional value of dairy in our diets.

With a deep-rooted desire to preserve the family farming tradition, Rianne and her brothers returned home with a determination to pave the way for the farm’s seventh generation and those to come. 

In the face of adversity, when milk prices plummeted to levels reminiscent of the 1970s the Myers’ market was unexpectedly canceled in the spring of 2018. A transformative opportunity arose. Recognizing the need for a significant change and daring to think outside the box, the family embarked on a courageous journey to ensure their survival.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. It was during this challenging time that Rianne, the seventh generation of the farming legacy, fearlessly decided to establish her very own state-of-the-art milk processing plant right there on the farm. This pivotal step allowed Myers to provide their own valued consumers with a farm-to-table dairy experience, delivering exceptional quality at an affordable price.

With Rianne’s vision and the family’s support and dedication, they are now able to offer a wholesome, natural, hormone-free, and ethically produced dairy product – Ri’s Farm Made Dairy. Their promise remains unchanged – to consistently provide a product that upholds the highest standards of quality, integrity, and sustainability – from a herd that is treated humanely.


This transformative leap has not only ensured the farm’s survival but has also opened new avenues to connect directly with their community, forging deeper bonds between farm and table. By establishing their own milk processing plant, they can take pride in delivering dairy products that exemplify the passion, care, and expertise that have defined our farming heritage for generations.


Myers Century Farm is more than just a “farm” – it’s a way of life rooted in harmony with nature. It encapsulates the story of a family, a farm, and a vision for a sustainable future. Plus, their milks and ice creams are amazing and that speaks to the love that goes into every step of the process. Happy cows make tasty dairy products.


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