Embrace the Imperfect: A Holiday Season of Joyful Moments

Embrace the Imperfect: A Holiday Season of Joyful Moments

Ah, the holiday season—a time of warmth, laughter, and, well, imperfections. Because let's face it, who among us hasn't had a mishap in the kitchen, whether it's a frozen turkey emergency, a surprise discovery of forgotten gizzards, or a slightly-too-crispy pie incident?

But here's the secret sauce to savoring the season: it's not about the perfectly golden turkey or flawlessly executed pie. It's about the joy found in the imperfect moments, the genuine laughter, and the company of those you hold dear.

This holiday season, consider breaking away from the script. Who says karaoke in the kitchen can't be the star of the show or a scavenger hunt can't add an extra dash of excitement? Embrace the joy in the little things, the unexpected moments that become the stories you tell year after year.

Create new traditions that resonate with your heart and soul. It's not about what you "should" do but what genuinely brings happiness. After all, the holidays are about simplicity, connection, and living in the moment.

Do What Feels Good, Skip What Doesn't

Traditions are wonderful, but let's face it—some may not align with your vibe. And that's perfectly okay. Liberating, even! If there are aspects that don't bring you joy, consider giving yourself the gift of skipping them this year.

Feel the liberation as you release expectations and relish in the enjoyment of the season. Trust us; your holiday experience will be both liberating and more enjoyable.

No Expectations, Only Celebrations

This season, don't burden yourself with a laundry list of expectations. The perfectly set table, flawless dishes, and Pinterest-worthy decorations are not prerequisites for holiday bliss. Release the pressure, savor the simplicity, and relish in the connections around you.  And, if a glass of wine falls into your mashed potatoes, embrace it!  After all, it's the laughter that you'll remember most.

Try it this season, and you won't be disappointed. Embrace the imperfect, relish in the joy of the little things, and create a holiday season that feels uniquely and beautifully yours. After all, the most cherished memories are often the unexpected ones.

Here's to a season filled with warmth, love, and the delightful magic of imperfection! 

We, myself and the team at Modern Prairie, send you Oceans of Love!

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What a beautiful post. So transparent and real. Loving your site. My very best to your new venture! I loved the show growing up and I remember the story of Mr. Edwards and the Xmas presents! Thank you 💕

Brenda Goodall

Perfectly imperfect….. that’s my motto these days. I don’t know why I’ve always tried to do things perfectly and they never are. Had Thanksgiving at my home for the first time in a very long time. My monster turkey was still not fully cooked in spots after 5 hours cooking time. I felt horrible. But then again 90% of it was good. No one got sick so I guess it was a success… of sorts…. Everything else was heavenly. What did matter is my family was here from out of town. My parents in their 80’s were here as well as extended family (all in my very small home). I was able to spend 4 days with my grandkids that I rarely see, and we just had fun. I will always strive for perfection and always fall short. That’s who I am and I’m ok with that. We can only do our best….

Mary Spriet

Your blog post was perfectly timed as I sat this Sunday morning beginning to plan my week of Thanksgiving festivities and airport pick ups. I found myself pondering my table, decor, entertainment etc. Thank you for making me stop and realize the beauty of simplification…. for my guests and especially for me. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


As we age, we realize more and more what is and what is not important in life. I have started to move towards a bit of minimalism and simplicity. I don’t need all the fancy gadgets that everyone wants and thinks they need nowadays. I I didn’t live in a condo, I would still be hanging my wash on a line, tending to my own vegie garden and having a few chickens/goats. Although I still have a lot of “stuff” – I am not replacing anything and using what I already have. I am in need or want of nothing and love spending time with family/friends – tending towards “experiences” without going into debt. Let’s not just “say” we should be doing this; we should embrace it and enjoy what we already have.

Robin From Wisconsin

I absolutely agree! The sweet memories come from time spent with loved ones. Nobody will remember a perfectly decorated table, but they will remember the fun & laughter around that table. Melissa, thanks for encouraging us to relax and enjoy this season as well. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Amy Holland

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