Dutch Hill Farms

Dutch Hill Farms

 We at Modern Prairie have known Sis (Estelle) Mack, owner of Dutch Hill Greenhouses, for several years and have been customers and beloved fans of her and her flowers.  She has a magical green thumb and spends months preparing for the season, nurturing and watering her blooms so that others can realize their beauty.  

A wife, mother, grandmother, business owner and friend, we don’t know how she finds the time to manage it all but she does so with grace, humility and a sense of humor.  By those who know her, she’s described as strong, independent, hardworking, resourceful and protective of those she loves. 

Having moved from Pittsburgh in 1985 in search of a simpler, more meaningful life, Sis and her husband purchased a 3.5 acre property, which included a one-room school house built in 1855 and four greenhouses.  She fell in love with the possibility of the property, and despite the fact that she didn’t know much beyond her own personal gardening, her passion and commitment to learn resulted in a thriving business that’s evolved to where it is today – almost 40 years later!

“We now have over 10,000 square feet of growing space with 6 greenhouses and employ 8 people who work together to create these beautiful, healthy plants.  We love sharing the bounty of our labor with others who then take our blossoms home to nurture them on their own.  Like all of us,  flowers come in every shape, size and color and their beauty lies in their diversity – but they need to be nurtured from the inside out.”

“We are strictly word of mouth up here in Meadville and our customers are the reason for our success.  Fortunately, they come back year, after year, and their loyalty has extended to their friends and children. In fact, it amazes me every year how excited the kids are to come to the greenhouse with their parents. They love looking around and choosing their own plants. 


It’s great to see that going to the greenhouse has become a family event, and picking out flowers for the summer is something that everyone – no matter their age – can do together.”

 A Garden Goddess in her own right, her expertise in growing Annuals, Hanging Baskets and Vegetables is something to be celebrated.  The good news is that she’s sharing her tips with all of you!

Sis’s ‘Be Well’ advice – “You need to nourish to flourish – water is the secret ingredient, though sunscreen on your face and ears is critical too!”



Check out Dutch Hill Greenhouses’ grand opening picture from the Meadville Tribune in 1985, and this picture taken recently of owners Sis and Ken Mack in the same spot.


“You should water all plants from their base at the soil as they need that precious water right at their roots. Nurturing from the ground up in all of us brings out our most beautiful blooms.”
– Sis Mack, owner of Dutch Hill Greenhouses

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I love it 😀, all of it.just beautiful. So feel good.

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