A Thanksgiving Message From Melissa

A Thanksgiving Message From Melissa


As we embark on the holiday season, I want to express my deep gratitude for being part of the incredible Modern Prairie community. Your presence and the connections we're building together are truly awe-inspiring. Our initial vision was to create a space where women rediscover inspiration, and it has evolved into a journey of uncovering endless possibilities.

The holiday season can be a whirlwind for many, filled with both joy and emotional challenges. Amidst the hustle, I urge you to carve out moments for yourself and practice gentleness. Remember, 'things don’t have to be perfect; in fact, it’s the imperfection that is most meaningful and memorable.'

And if I may, I want to encourage you to get in the pictures this year.  Don't be the invisible photographer of your family gathering. Life is messy, hair is unruly, and makeup is optional. But the memories you make with your kids? Priceless. Get in the picture, embrace the imperfections, and give your loved ones the timeless gift of YOU. Because 'now' is the perfect moment. 

In the spirit of taking a breath and living in the moment, I've encouraged the Modern Prairie team to take some well-deserved time off to rest, reset, and reconnect with loved ones. Embracing a pause can be rejuvenating. Below, discover the Top 5 activities we're excited about during this break, and we eagerly anticipate sharing more experiences, stories, products, and workshops with you soon.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with warmth and joy.


Top 5 Activities Our Modern Prairie Team Is Looking Forward To:

Restful Retreats: Finding serenity in nature or cozy staycations.
Heartfelt Connections: Reconnecting with friends and family.
Creative Pursuits: Exploring artistic endeavors and DIY projects.
Culinary Adventures: Savoring delicious meals and treats together.
Reflective Moments: Embracing quiet moments of introspection and gratitude.

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Dearest Melissa,
I just want to thank you for the Little House and the Prairie series. My husband and I like watching the series over and over. The laughs, cries and so much love is so precious. Always remember your roots and know that you are loved just by being you. I wish there were more wholesome shows and series that were true with sincere care and tenderness for one another. Thanks again to you and cast for all the the great memories of people’s lives with their ups and downs and faith in God. May God richly bless you in his amazing love. Sincerely Barb

Barbara batton

Melissa, I wanted to thank you for having so much to do with who I am today. I was a latchkey kid in the early 80s and didn’t have much guidance at home. LHotP was on every day and I watched it religiously. I didn’t realize it until re-watching it now on Peacock that I learned so much from you and the cast. You all taught me how to be a good person. You taught me how to treat others, even when they are being jerks. You all taught me to be kind.

Thank you.


Melissa, you are absolutely stunning at any age! Your amazing light shines through beautifully! We age gracefully like a fine wine! There is no such thing as aging. It’s only a number. Society and marketing impose labels that essentially do not matter, if we do not allow them to stick! Thus, onward and upward we go, never looking back. We are afterall our Creator’s beautiful creation! God bless you and your family! Thank you for your uplifting 🙏 messages, and may you continue in your quest to enliven our lives for many decades to come. With respect and admiration, happy holidays to you all! CP

Carmen Padilla

Melissa, I’m thankful for you today ❤️. I’ve loved you and your character Laura since I was a girl watching your show. I’m your age and I so appreciate your message of embracing, not fighting, aging. Thank you, as a person of influence, for letting your natural, graceful, “woman of a certain age,” shine through. It’s a message so many of us need to hear. XOXOXO


Thank you Melissa your the sweetest person

Wendy Jantz

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