🌼 Embracing the Ahhhh in August 🌞

🌼 Embracing the Ahhhh in August 🌞

Happy Summer, everyone!

At the start of this year, our community embarked on a journey of intention-setting, opting for a single word to guide us through the year. My word of choice? 'Maybe'. A simple word that embodies possibility, urging me to release rigidity and embrace the uncharted.


Welcome to Highland Yoga


Part of my 'maybe' journey involved nurturing my body's strength and vitality through regular exercise. I chose to step onto the yoga mat as a beacon of wellness. I found solace in a local yoga studio nestled in the Catskills, a place that seemed tailor-made for my heart and age. You see, practicing yoga surrounded by like-minded souls, all around my age, feels like home. No longer in a race for the highest jumps or the most intricate poses, I found a space where my body could thrive as it is — no farther, no faster.

 Introducing Shain Fishman


A lifelong streak of competitiveness transformed into a desire to cherish my body's health and vitality at its own pace. Approaching my fifty-ninth birthday, my intention is clear: a body that works in harmony, as healthy as possible. This truth resonates deeply within me.


Melissa and Shain's daughter, Mara


Months of consistent yoga practice have led me to discover the power of incremental change. Strength has grown, flexibility increased, and the symphony of my body's abilities plays in harmony. Balance, not boundless extremes, is the goal. I sleep better, breathe deeper, and mindfulness has woven its serenity into every breath.


Shain's philosophy is that there is no RIGHT way of doing a pose. To her, doing a pose “correctly” is not the most important thing. Rather, it’s working into a pose mindfully so you're adjusting for your own body and its specific strengths or limitations.  


The unexpected gift? Each practice holds surprises — like unwrapping presents of progress. This journey of listening to my body, understanding its cues, and honoring its whispers is an exquisite revelation. My yoga practice has become a cherished friend, offering exactly what my body craves.

But wait, there's more! This path brought me into a community of fellow seekers, predominantly women, and a few brave men, all sharing the same life chapter. We laugh when we falter, support each other in every step, and open our hearts with unwavering trust. Our teachers each bear a unique energy, guiding us through challenges as a united front. The weather's warmth leads us to practice lakeside, beneath the embrace of an enormous shade sail. Could anything be more wonderful?

The resounding lesson? The one I advocate often, now a radiant truth: staying curious as we age is an eternal gift. This journey enriches the mind, body, and soul. I care for all aspects of me, and along this path, I've discovered treasures: new friends whose friendship is a treasure in any age.



Now, to Shain Fishman, the architect of this magical space at Highland Yoga and Dance Inc., oceans of gratitude flow from my heart. This environment, where the community converges to share magic, is a testament to Shain's vision.

So I ask you, dear reader:

🌱 What's been tugging at your curiosity? Is there a place in your heart for new friendships to bloom?

🌼 And perhaps, just maybe, it's time for your 'maybe'.

With love and light,


P.S. To Shain Fishman, the creator of Highland Yoga and Dance Inc.: Your vision created a sanctuary where community and magic intertwine. Thank you for enriching lives in ways words can hardly capture. 🙏🌟

[Now it's your turn! Share your thoughts, dreams, and 'maybes' with me.]

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I truly love this! It makes me think maybe I can find a yoga group that will fit my needs. Doing what I can at my age and feel good about it. Thank you!!


I too want the sleep cap. Is it discontinued?

Turner Gayle E.


Jan Wilson

I have been trying to purchase the sleep cap and cannot find it anywhere. I saw it this morning while watching GMS with Melissa this morning.

Jan Wilson

Took me a minute, but love your cute pun in the article’s title! 😂

Lisa de Groot

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