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Friday, May 26th

Reframe Your Story: A Journey of Reassessment and Resilience in Redefining Your Narrative with Author Lisa Weldon

An Author Q&A Session hosted by Melissa Gilbert

Join Modern Prairie Co-Founder, Melissa Gilbert with Author Lisa Weldon, an award-winning creative professional and author of Twenty Pieces: A Memoir. Lisa’s story is one of redefinition and resilience, having spent 40 years in advertising, marketing, and interactive media before losing “everything and everyone important in her life.”
Lisa’s world collapsed the year she turned 58. Her 25-year marriage ended; the only home her children had ever known fell into foreclosure; and her last child left the nest. Her financial lifeline, her career in advertising, had gone stagnant.
From under the crushing realities a wild idea popped into her head –
What if she went away for 30 days, all alone to New York City and took a crash course to learn the new digital ways of her business?

Using the lessons she’d learn, she could share stories and photos from her daily walks, all in hopes of reinventing herself professionally.  It seemed like the perfect plan, and it was. However-the real truth she found on the streets of Manhattan never made it to her blog. Only in her personal diary did she share the rawness of what she learned about herself … and all she needed to do to make the changes she wanted.  In her memoir, Twenty Pieces, Lisa Weldon shares what she learned.

Ask yourself: If you had 30 days, somewhere away and alone, where would you go … and what would you do to treat yourself?

In this virtual event, Lisa will share her creative process and insights on reassessment and resilience in Midlife. She brings to her projects an established brand as a city walker, a relatable and authentic voice, and decades of experience in the creative industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Lisa’s inspiring journey and discover how to redefine yourself at any stage in life.

Spaces are limited, so grab a spot while you can.
Two lucky registrants will receive a copy of Lisa’s book via random drawing (you must be in attendance to win!)

Session will be hosted via Zoom.  Links will be shared upon registration confirmation.

“Lisa Weldon is a brave writer who has much to teach us. I marvel at how vulnerable she makes herself on the page. As she walks New York City, she confronts her past, and, in doing so, creates her future. She makes me want to give myself 30 days. Every woman should. This is groundbreaking.”- Bren McLain
Lisa's Book, Twenty Pieces: A walk through love, loss and midlife reinvention (click on image to learn more)
Lisa's First Time in New York City
Lisa with Book Clubs
Admiring Graffiti Art
Lisa Walking in Paris

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