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Red Poppy Carafe

Red Poppy Carafe

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Elegantly defined by soft and sloping curves that could only be made by hand, this artisanal carafe from Emerson Creek Pottery is positively picturesque in its ivory glaze and hand-painted red poppy motif. Whether you fill it with fresh juice or iced tea, repurpose it as a decorative utensil holder, or transform it into a floral centerpiece, this hearty piece of heritage-worthy stoneware will quickly earn a place in your heart & home.

Product Details

  • Dishwasher, microwave, oven & freezer safe
  • Measures 3.5″ Base x 5″ Mouth x 8″ H
  • 54 fl. oz. Capacity
  • Pottery is lead & cadmium-free
  • Handmade in Bedford, Virginia
  • All materials sourced from USA & Canada

Please note: Handcrafted pottery has slight variations in size, color & design — characteristics to be expected and treasured in handcrafted art.

Product Care

  • Drastic temperature changes (from the refrigerator to the hot oven) may cause cracking
  • Room temperature to cool oven is best
  • Allow pottery to cool before placing in refrigerator or dishwasher
  • Do not broil or place on a stovetop burner
  • Do not store in freezer
  • Pottery may scratch finished surfaces — avoid by using a trivet
  • Do not leave pottery outdoors in winter – temperature fluctuations can crack pottery
  • Remove marks with a kitchen abrasive, like Bar Keeper’s Friend
  • High quality steel cutlery will not mark the pottery
  • Pottery can break if dropped on a hard surface

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