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Easy As Pie-Making A Virtual Baking Experience with Chef Cheryl: The Perfect Dough & Double Crusted Apple Pie - *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

Easy As Pie-Making A Virtual Baking Experience with Chef Cheryl: The Perfect Dough & Double Crusted Apple Pie - *DIGITAL DOWNLOAD*

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With Thanksgiving just a few days away, there’s no better time to hone your pie skills.  In this previously recorded class we’ll make two delectable holiday essentials - The Perfect Pie Dough & Double Crusted Apple Pie.  So grab your Modern Prairie pie plates and rolling pin and get ready to roll up your sleeves and perk up your ears, as you learn tips and tricks to making the perfect crust and fillings.  Join Chef Cheryl as we whip up delicious pies that will wow your guests and make your taste buds sing.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

What to Expect:

- Introduction to Pie-Making Fundamentals: Chef Cheryl will kick off the workshop with an overview of the essential techniques and ingredients that go into creating the perfect pie. You'll learn about the importance of precision in measurements and the role each ingredient plays in achieving that ideal balance of flavors and textures.

- Mastering the Art of Crust: A substantial portion of the class will be dedicated to mastering the art of crafting a double-crusted pie. Chef Cheryl will guide you through the process of making a pie crust from scratch, sharing her tips and tricks for achieving that elusive combination of flakiness and tenderness. You'll also explore various techniques for creating decorative crust designs that will make your pies stand out.

- Exploring the Science of Pie: Ever wondered why some pies turn out perfectly while others fall short? Chef Cheryl will delve into the science behind pie-making, explaining how different ingredients interact and how to troubleshoot common pie-making challenges. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the chemistry of baking, which will empower you to adapt and innovate your own pie recipes.

- Creating the Ultimate Apple Filling: The star of the show is the Classic Double-Crusted Apple Pie, and Chef Cheryl will reveal her secrets to creating a fruit filling that is both sweet and tangy. You'll learn about selecting the right apples, balancing flavors, and achieving the ideal consistency for your filling.

- Hands-On Practice: This workshop is not just about theory; you'll get plenty of hands-on experience. You'll have the opportunity to make your own pie crust and fillings under Chef Cheryl's expert guidance, ensuring that you leave the class with practical skills you can use in your own kitchen.

- Tasting and Sharing: Of course, what's a pie class without enjoying the fruits of your labor? At the end of the workshop, you'll have the chance to savor your freshly baked Classic Double-Crusted Apple Pie. You can also share your creations and experiences with your fellow pie enthusiasts.

What's included:
- Step-by-Step Instruction and Guidance
- Recipe and Resources: You'll receive a detailed recipe and a list of resources to help you continue your pie-making journey at home.
- This is a digital recording of a previously held workshop. A video file of the workshop and PDF of the recipe will be e-mailed to you upon purchase. 

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