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Olive Embrace Candle Mug, Sea Salt Scent

Olive Embrace Candle Mug, Sea Salt Scent

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Prodigal Pottery

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Experience the joy of illumination and giving back with our brand-new candle line, crafted in partnership with Prodigal Pottery. These candles are more than just a flicker of light; they're a testament to the power of community and the transformative impact of kindness. Each all-natural soy candle is hand-poured by individuals with special needs in Harperville, Alabama, spreading warmth and hope with every single flame.  With each purchase, you're not only uplifting the lives of those from Community Naturals, but you're also extending your helping hand to women in need from Prodigal Pottery.

Product Details

  • Reusable Elegance: Poured into a 10-ounce mug, our candles embody sustainable elegance. Once the candle has fulfilled its purpose, the mug becomes a cherished keepsake, dishwasher-safe for continued use.
  • Olive Branch Pendant: A delicate olive branch pendant adorns each candle, symbolizing unity, peace, and the spirit of giving.
  • With 45-55 hours of burn time, these candles not only illuminate spaces but also hearts, bridging the gap between individuals and communities. Each candle topper carries a heartfelt message, outlining the transformative impact of your purchase.
  • Made in the USA

Product Care

  • When candle has finished burning simply take the vessel and run in the dishwasher.

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