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Nesting On the Prairie - An Autumn Morning with Melissa Mug

Nesting On the Prairie - An Autumn Morning with Melissa Mug

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Crafted with meticulous care and celebrating our Muse and Co-Founder Melissa Gilbert's seasonal spirit, each mug is a hand-formed masterpiece. As you cradle this unique piece, you'll be transported into Melissa's world— her favorite wildflowers, her beloved chickens, and countless hidden details that come alive with every use - including a special surprise on the inside of the mug.

Limited to just 50 mugs, each is one-of-a-kind. Your mug might have different flowers than those in the photos, and that's the charm of handcraftsmanship. No two mugs are identical, reflecting the uniqueness we all bring to the table.

Handmade from Ohio clay, our artisans take you on a journey from clay to completion. Every step is a labor of love—forming on the wheel, attaching handles, glazing, printing, and meticulously applying sepia decals. The layering of decals requires at least 4 firings in the kiln, giving each mug its distinctive charm.

A single mug takes 3-4 weeks to finish, involving 27 intricate steps. With over 30 sepia decals hand-applied before firing, each mug is a testament to patience, skill, and passion. Learn more about the fascinating development process.

We invite you to cherish this work of art—a timeless piece that mirrors the unique beauty in each of us. Enjoy the warmth, the artistry, and the stories this mug holds, creating moments that last a lifetime. Limited in number but boundless in charm, make it yours before they vanish into the hands of fellow art enthusiasts. Cheers to a mugful of joy! 🎨☕ 

Product Details

  • Made from lead-free ceramic clay
  • Microwave safe
  • Holds approximately two cups of liquid
  • Size and weight may vary slightly from piece to piece
  • Limited-edition item, only 50 mugs available
  • Handmade in USA

Product Care

  • Hand wash, gently (recommended to preserve the hand-placed decals)

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