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Holiday Delight Cookie Academy (Part 2)

Holiday Delight Cookie Academy (Part 2)

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🍪✨ Indulge in the ultimate cookie-baking extravaganza with our "Holiday Cookie Academy"! 🎉👩‍🍳 This season, we're doubling the fun by offering not just one but two Sundays of delightful cookie-making classes and this is the second in the series. And guess what? It's all happening online, so you can invite friends and family to join the festive baking fiesta!

Join the talented Chef Cheryl as she guides you through a cookie wonderland, covering holiday designs, traditions, flavorings, and variations that will transform your kitchen into a cookie-swap sensation. 🌟🍬

In each class, we'll whip up 5 types of cookies, ensuring you have a delicious arsenal of 10 new recipes and hundreds of cookies in your freezer, ready to dazzle at any holiday gathering.

WHEN: Sunday, December 10th @ 10am PST
DURATION: 4 hours

- Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Chocolate Ganache
- Shortbread Cookies - 3 ways
- Almond Lace Cookies
- Cardamom Hazelnut Filbertines
- All-Purpose Cookie Base with Variations

- Pro Tips and Tricks: Throughout the workshop, we'll share invaluable tips and tricks that will help you avoid common pitfalls and achieve cookie perfection. 

- Take-Home Recipes: We want you to recreate the magic at home, so you'll receive a comprehensive recipe along with a list of resources to help you source the best ingredients. Chef Cheryl will also be available to answer any questions or offer guidance even after the workshop concludes.

- Tasting and Sharing: Of course, no workshop would be complete without indulging in the delicious creations you've made. You'll have the chance to savor your freshly baked cookies, and share your experiences and tips with your fellow dessert enthusiasts.

- Interactive format as Chef Cheryl will be available for any questions or clarifications even after the workshop concludes.

- Video recording of the class

Get ready to elevate your cookie game and spread the joy of freshly baked goodness this holiday season. 🌈🍪 Secure your spot in the "Holiday Delight Cookie Academy" now and make this cookie season the sweetest one yet! 🌟🎄 

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  • This is a virtual (online) class hosted via Zoom
  • Once you've registered you will receive the Zoom link, ingredient list, and recipes.

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