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The Art of Pie Part 2: Let’s Make Pies – Instructional Video

Holiday pies are a delightful treat that increases the fun of holiday celebration. Join Melissa and Chef Cheryl, author of "For the Love of Pies" and our special guest, Alison Arngrim, in this virtual pie-making class. This class will build upon the previous workshop where Chef Cheryl taught us all how to make pie dough. In this hands-on class, you will learn the techniques and secrets in making incredible pies from scratch. We will be making twists on classics like Pumpkin, and Pecan Pie that will be ready to serve for your next holiday or family gathering and are sure to be crowd pleasers. When you're finished with the pie share your stories with us @officialmodernprairie.



Take your home cooking skills up a notch with our virtual cooking classes from Modern Prairie. Led by our expert chefs, our hands-on classes walk you through the cooking process step by step. Helpful hints are provided along the way to ensure that you not only end up with a delicious result, but also get the opportunity to improve your cooking expertise.

Because the level of instruction is simple and straightforward, our classes work for beginners and experienced home chefs alike who can also get a lot out of these tutorials, especially if they’re looking to expand their skills and try out new cuisines.

Make a Special Meal at Home

Being able to work in your own kitchen allows anyone in your household to participate in these fun, interactive cooking sessions..

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