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Needle Felting Kit – Take A Poke At Fruits!

Welcome to the world of needle felting!  It is incredible how fun, relaxing, and creative this craft form can be.  Trust us, once you get started you won't want to stop!  This workshop and kit is meant to introduce you to the fun world of felting with the focus on creating fruit.  Instead of making it a 'paint-by-numbers' approach we want you to "poke-and-play" to get a feel for how this artform works. Our kits will either contain materials to create a felted Pear & Apple combination or a Peach & Lemon.  It's all about the element of surprise as our team at Modern Prairie will randomly select which kit you receive, and isn't that fun?  Artist Carolyn J Parks will explain that regardless of the fruit you receive, you will learn how to create something 'fruit'ful! These kits are used in conjunction with our recorded, virtual workshop, "Let's Get Felt-y With It - Learn to Poke Fun at Fruit" which we held in May.  Purchase of this kit includes a link to the workshop which you can watch at your leisure. We are excited to have you explore your own creativity and have fun, you deserve it!  


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Pear and Apple Kit Contains:
1 foam pad
3 needles
3 pieces of felt backing

4g Spring Green
2g Brown
2g Red
2g Avocado Green
2g White
1g Dark Red
1g Neon Red
1g Pear Mix
1g Khaki Green
1g Light Yellow

Peach and Lemon Kit Contains:
1 foam pad
3 needles
3 pieces of felt backing

4g Sunny Yellow
2g Brown
2g Light Yellow
2g Yolk Yellow
2g Fuchsia
1g White
1g Spring Green
1g Bright Green
1g Burnt Orange
1g Peach

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