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Mornings With Melissa Mug

Rituals and stories. Mugs and memories. Who doesn't love a cup of something in their favorite mug? That moment when time stops, and you hold that cup in your hand. We want every mug to become someone’s favorite and a part of their morning ritual and our special edition mug is no exception.

We’ve partnered with the artisans in the Bohemian Cat House on Lake Champlain in Vermont to create these meticulously designed, handmade ceramic pieces that celebrate our Muse and Co-Founder Melissa Gilbert’s journey from our beloved Laura to the maven that she is today. Each mug tells a story - and it’s captivating. You’ll find yourself amongst Melissa’s Garden where you’ll discover all her favorite flowers, in the colors of the rainbow, along with her beloved chickens and some hidden surprises.

There are only 100 of these mugs available - each numbered and one-of a kind so the flowers may be different on your mug than the photos here. Remember these mugs are formed by hand so size and shape will vary. No two mugs are the same and what we believe makes them so special and unique - just like each of one of us.

Each mug is handmade from start to finish using clay from Ohio. The team makes their own glazes, throws each mug on the wheel, attaches the handles, glazes, prints and hand applies their sepia decals on each piece. The layering of decals requires firing each mug at least 4x in the kiln to achieve its distinctive look.

It takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks for one mug to be finished. There are 27 individual steps taken to complete each mug. Each includes over 50 separate sepia decals that are hand applied before firing.

We hope you enjoy and cherish this work of art as much as we do - it’s a special and timeless piece that you’ll love forever.


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About the maker:
+ Created by Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics where all items are handmade with love, in Vermont. Learn more HERE
+ CCLC is female-owned, locally sourced and operated. They create beautiful designs in the comfort of their home space.

Product Details:
+ Holds approximately 2 cups of coffee or 16 oz. of liquids
+ The product is lead-free.
+ Made in United States of America

+ Please handwash these mugs, though they are safe for the dishwasher but the decals may fade with continued dishwasher use
+ Microwave safe