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Limited Edition, Modern Prairie Winterbark Pine Candle

Infuse elegance into your home with our beautiful hand-molded candle inspired by the glacial landscape ridges of Wisconsin.  We've partnered with Rowe Pottery and Bright Endeavors to create this custom candle specifically for Modern Prairie in a finish we call Prairie Linen.  The Winterbark's rich scent of pine mixed with spices will bring comfort to any home and make it feel like a winder wonderland. This candle coordinates beautifully with all of our seasonal tabletop and linens and is both stunning as a single candle, or grouped with our Modern Prairie serving pieces.  The soft matte finish is gently stamped with the delicate Modern Prairie logo and the ridged impressions are made by the potter’s hands at the wheel.  The glaze is dishwasher and microwave safe and won’t stain. Create a simple table scape by running a few down the center of your Farmhouse table or place them throughout your home.  With 80 hours of clean soy burn you’ll have a reusable crock when the candle is finished.  It’s the perfect gift all season long. From our artisans hands to your home...enjoy! 20% of every purchase of a Bright Endeavors candle from Modern Prairie directly supports their job training program and the women who participate. Interested in donating directly?  Please click HERE  



Product Details:
+ The Ridges Vessel candle measures approximately 4″ tall.
+ Candle has 80 hours of burn time.
+ Quality, lead-free wicks
+ Amazing quality from beginning to end
+ Once the candle has been used, place the vessel in the dishwasher and reuse as a glass, storage for pens, pencils, make-up brushes, paint brushes, knitting needles or whatever you choose.

About the Artisan:
+ Candle is made in Chicago, USA
+ 100% of proceeds support the young moms who create this candle.
+ Made with soy wax & phthalate-free fragrance
+ We are proud to support Bright Endeavors whose mission is to strengthen families by partnering with young moms as they progress toward housing stability, economic mobility, and family well-being. At Bright Endeavors, young moms engage in a comprehensive, paid job training program where they gain career skills, a professional network, and a set of tools to help them thrive in their chosen profession, all while learning what is required to power a manufacturing and distribution operation for our growing home fragrance brand.

+ Our Vessel has been created by Rowe Pottery where all products are handcrafted by an artisan in Cambridge, Wisconsin.
+ Rowe Pottery is woman-owned, locally sourced and handcrafted in the heartland of America. Their owner Beverly, loves being a part of creating things that are of value to Rowe’s customers and can be used in their everyday lives. “As a collector of Rowe Pottery from a young age, I always am looking for the next great place to keep things fresh and modern, yet keep with tradition,” she says.



Our stone vessel features a smooth non-stick surface. You can do both hand cleaning and dishwasher cleaning.