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Farmhouse Floral Deep Dish Round Baker

Our Deep Dish baker is ready for farmhouse baking whether it's casseroles, cheesy potato's, Shepard's pie, freshly baked rolls or apple crisp. The options are endless.  This is the MOST versatile piece for all of your hearty recipes. The generous wheel-thrown sizing will become a year-round workhorse in your kitchen.  Simply use this baker in place of your 9X13 pan. Finished in the classic Farm Floral design and liquid gold glaze, it is ideal for every season and transitions from oven to serving to table, with grace. You'll find an artist's mark near the Rowe Pottery logo on each of the pieces that we offer at Modern Prairie. It adds an element of personalization that we think is so special. You'll find these pieces incredibly durable, thick and sturdy, withstanding tear and wear. It's non-porous and chip-resistant properties enhance it's durability which means your children or grandchildren will have lovely moments inheriting them. Because stoneware clay is fired at high temperatures these pieces are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures while cooking.



Product Details:
+ Our deep dish measures 3″tall and 13″ in diameter.
+ Product weighs 4 lbs.
+ All Rowe Pottery is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe since they’ve already endured a 2000 degree kiln. Plus, Rowe’s pottery is beautiful enough to go from oven to table, and you can save dishes (and water) with easy cleanup.
+ Rowe Pottery is lead-free.
+ Made in United States of America

About the maker:
+ Created by Rowe Pottery where all products are handcrafted by an artisan in Cambridge, Wisconsin.
+ Rowe Pottery is woman-owned, locally sourced, and handcrafted in the heartland of America. Their owner Beverly, loves being a part of creating things that are of value to Rowe’s customers and can be used in their everyday lives. “As a collector of Rowe Pottery from a young age, I always am looking for the next great place to keep things fresh and modern, yet keep with tradition,” she says.

+ Stone cookware features a smooth non-stick surface. Therefore, food doesn’t stick to the cooking surface, cleaning is easy and food doesn’t stick.

+ Unlike other non-stick cookware, stone cookware is dishwasher safe. You can do both hand cleaning and dishwasher cleaning.