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EcoTowels – 12 Count Set of Reusable Cloth Towels

Introducing our 12 count set of matching Cloth / Unpaper / Reusable / Not Paper towels - the perfect solution for any household looking to reduce their environmental impact! These towels are not only eco-friendly, but also incredibly convenient and easy to use. Our reusable towels feature lovely cotton fabric on top, paired with terry cloth backs for excellent absorbency. At approximately 10.5 x 10.5 inches square, they are the perfect size for wiping up spills, drying dishes, and even quick kid wipe downs. Plus, they work wonderfully in either the kitchen, bathroom, camper trailer, cabin, or anywhere else you need a reliable towel. Unlike traditional paper towels, these towels are easy to maintain and can be used again and again. Simply keep a handy basket of these towels on the counters and table for wiping up any and all messes, spills, and quick cleanups. Cleaning and maintaining these towels is a breeze - after use, just toss them in the wash with the rest of your laundry. Fabric softener is not recommended, as it will lessen the absorbency of the terry cloth. These towels are machine washable in warm water and can be tumble dried on a regular cycle. Plus, all our towels are top-stitched for durability and to prevent bunching in the wash. What's more, these towels come in a set of 12 with no plastic snaps or packaging, making them a zero-waste solution for your household. So why wait? Try our reusable towels today and start reducing your environmental impact, one towel at a time!


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Key Features:
– 100% Cotton
– Towels are sold as a set of 12
– Towels measure 10.5×10.5″ Square

Product Care

Machine wash warm, regular tumble dry. Our towels are all top stitched for durability and to prevent bunching in the wash.