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Around the Corner, Paint by Numbers Kit

It's Autumn in New York and we're ready to get cozy and create a spectacular masterpiece.  Remember Paint by Numbers?  Well we love having a guideline to be able to express our creativity and think you will too.

Why you’ll love paint by numbers? - It's an amazing way to relax and to take your mind off of your daily stress. - Create your own masterpiece to decorate your home. - It's fun, easy, and makes for a wonderful gift!

Autumn is here and these is nothing more beautiful than capturing the change of season, therefore take the time to unplug, unwind, paint, and frame! Our paint by numbers kits by Paint Anywhere, provide a new way to relax and create your own masterpiece! The best part is that each kit is made for success. The areas are clearly marked and numbered so that you just match the paint with the number. Start at 1 or customize with your favorite color...no rules. Layer the paint for a little bit of depth.

Each of our projects is about 12 hours. Paint however you would like as the goal is to enjoy the process and create something unique.


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Premium Packaged Contents:
+ 16×20” ready-to-paint premium printed canvas
+ Pre-mixed acrylic paints in handy little pots
+ Set of 5 paint brushes

+ Stretch the canvas – one way that we suggest is ironing the canvas flipped and face down.
+ Find a flat area with good lighting to open up your canvas and start painting.
+ Have a glass of water to clean your brushes and a second drink for yourself, to enjoy while you paint!
+ Decide which numbers, sizes, and colors to go with first – there is no correct or incorrect way to paint this…you can choose.
+ Wet your brush and lightly drag some color on the brush, and fill in the paint with the corresponding number color.
+ Clean your brush and repeat
+ Hang up and frame your painting

Tips & Tricks
+ To stretch the canvas iron face down onto a clean, flat surface and mist the back of the canvas lightly with water.
+ The paint can be cleaned up with water…do not add water to the paint
+ Water-based acrylic paints dry quickly if left open for too long. Always close the paint pot lids after use to prevent the paint from drying out.
+ Make a mistake? Let it dry completely and then paint over it with the right color paint or you can use water to wipe away one area that is still wet.
+ Use your largest brush to second coat, it will smooth each color and help cover the numbers and lines.

+ Your masterpiece doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! Enjoy the craft and the process as you create your beautiful masterpiece!

About the Artist
+ Joy Laforme is an artist and illustrator with a Master of Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She was born and raised in the Greater New York City Area and currently lives and works in New Jersey. She illustrates for puzzles, stationary, textiles, galleries, interiors, and more. She is influenced by vintage animated films, Fauvism and American Folk Art, and incorporates these styles into her signature aesthetic. She works digitally and in mixed media.

+ Share your finished artwork with us by tagging @officialmodernprairie