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2023 A Year On The Homestead, Desk Calendar

Be inspired by the whimsical illustrations of Leana Fischer who collaborated with us on this special desk calendar reflecting all of our favorite things. Inside you'll find 12 individual watercolor prints designed to fit in any 5" x 7" frame or upright in the handmade hickory stand that is included with this limited-edition set. The artwork will provide you a glimpse into one of Melissa Gilbert's most cherished beliefs that "Home Is the Nicest Word There Is," which gets brought to life every month.  You'll uncover the magic of our Modern Prairie garden, the woodland creatures that surround the Cabbage, our favorite flowers and birds, and a special treat made with Chicago.  Each new month brings a welcome surprise which we know will bring a smile to your face. Enjoy this as a special item for yourself or as a gift to others.  



+ Calendar measures 5”x7” and is printed double-sided on heavy 120# card stock.

Calendar with Stand:
+ packaged in burlap pouch (plastic free)
+ includes handmade hickory stand
+ includes a “Home Is the Nicest Word There Is” sticker

About the Artist:
+ Watercolor illustration by Leana Fischer

+ Made in the USA in small batches crated by May We Fly Studios

+ Share your moments with us by tagging @officialmodernprairie