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Prairie Land Designs

Modern Prairie is pleased to introduce you to Cathy & Steve, owners of Prairieland Design, which lies in Maple Plain, MN, a cozy suburb to the west of Minneapolis. Their passion for vegetable gardening and woodworking has driven them to dedicate countless hours to perfecting their craft. Improving and upgrading our home and garden has brought us immense joy and fulfillment. The unique design, style, and functionality of their wood baskets immediately captured the attention of friends and neighbors. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, they opened their shop in 2016, specializing in garden products. In 2017, Prairieland Design expanded their range to include entry organizers, coat racks, and ledge shelves, all crafted with the same commitment to quality, modern design, and a polished finish. They take pride in producing high-quality wood products that are built to last and we couldn't agree more. For the first time, they are collaborating with Modern Prairie on three unique, and beautiful, baskets, that are versatile enough to be used in the garden, in the chicken coup, in the craft room, the kitchen, whereever!

Our Story

As they were anticipating their retirement, Cathy & Steve both agreed that “retirement” was defined as what new challenge and opportunity could be developed. Cathy had spent her career as an entrepreneur having created and operating several successful businesses and Steve was an operations manager. Prairieland Design was created in 2016 to meld Cathy’s love of gardening, business, and design with Steve’s love for woodworking. The goal was to operate from their home (love the commute) and develop products that are handmade, serve a useful function, are unique, and are quality built. 

We are honored and thrilled to partner with Modern Prairie in offering our most popular line of garden harvest baskets. With Prairie in both of our names, it is clearly a match made in heaven!

Supporting Data

Cathy’s History – Owned & operated a pet boarding facility / Opened & operated 3 retail pet supply & grooming shops / Bred and showed Alaskan Malamutes / Was a La Leche League Leader for 12 years (volunteer organization supporting new moms who are breastfeeding) / Involved as a founding family in opening a new Waldorf school / Started an electrolysis business / Created Prairieland Design in 2016 / Mom of 3 and Grandma to 1

Steve’s History – Served in the US Army from 1974 thru 1976 / Worked in all levels of Restaurant Management for several Hospitality Companies / Developed a woodworking “side hustle” business / Created Prairieland Design in 2016 / Dad of 3 and Grandpa of 1.