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The Knitty Gritty Podcast with Melissa and Susie

Melissa Gilbert-Busfield and Susie Shubert

Are you ready to get down to the ‘knitty gritty’ with some real conversation? Join Melissa Gilbert-Busfield and Susie Shubert as they talk about all the good things and the wisdom and freedom that come with growing older. Okay, they may touch on some of the bad… and quite possibly the down-right ugly…after all, knit happens. No matter what–aging gratefully, unapologetically, with laughter, and celebrating it together is what matters most. Tune in, get inspired, and feel like you’re having the best heart-to-heart with good friends. It’s time to celebrate, share stories, and keep learning and growing. If you’re ready to support, inspire each other, and change the cultural conversation on aging, give this show a follow. Sponsored by Modern Prairie.

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Questions for Melissa & Susie?

Questions for Melissa & Susie?