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Hello, Christine Semple!

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our Fall Modern Maven, the multi-faceted  Christine Semple, life coach, women’s advocate, and owner of Christine Semple Wellness, who was introduced to us and nominated by a community member who felt compelled to share Christine’s journey as it aligns perfectly with the Modern Prairie ethos of empowering women to (re)discover what inspires them.  

Christine has walked in many of our shoes — she knows what it’s like to burn out, feel lost, alone, and to have physical and emotional pain but she turned things around.  A few years ago, Christine seemingly had it all – from an outsiders perspective she had a tenured career in fashion where she worked in Manhattan, traveled frequently, had an active social life and a supportive partner.  Little did anyone know that inside she felt lost, stuck, scared, incredibly isolated and “hollow.” 

What many didn’t know was that she was numbing herself with alcohol, starving herself to be ‘thin enough’ and protecting herself behind invisible walls she had built up through decades of shame. She based her self-worth on how others perceived her – her appearance, her actions, her decisions, her job, etc. and because she placed so much of an emphasis on what others thought of her, she lost sight of her purpose and vision. 

It was at a particularly low time in her life when she realized she was in trouble and needed to make a change to the destructive path she was on.  Sadly, when Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain ended their lives, she related so intimately to that depth of pain that it triggered a realization that she felt empty and confused – she began to ask herself: Who was she? What did she want in life? Who did she want to be in life? What does she stand for? How was she going to get there?   It was at a very low moment that she chose to take back control of her mind, health, and life. She started taking positive and healthy steps to course correct her ‘present’ and created a new path for her future. Her personal journey of healing, recognizing unhealthy habits and patterns, and learning self-acceptance allowed her to start living and loving on her own terms.  She is truly a living example of what she teaches as she continues to live it each day and why we believe her journey will resonate with so many of us. 

”I went back to school – got certified as a life coach, a personal trainer, a nutritionist and started my own company. And in the years that have followed I have helped so many women begin their personal journeys of healing, of reassessing their priorities wherever they are in their lives, of learning self-love, finding the legs to stand up for themselves and have a voice that THEY approve of. I have helped hundreds of women get ‘UNSTUCK’ in whatever is holding them down, holding them back and keeping them from moving forward.”

Her passion is helping her clients live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.  While some focus on fixing the symptoms, she focuses on helping the client heal the root causes for long lasting results. Why? Because your thoughts, feelings and actions affect your health.  How you think affects how you feel and How you feel affects how you think. However, when you can experience life in an authentic state of joy, peace, and good health, you can handle anything

What is a life coach and what can you learn
from Christine’s methodologies?

Life coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the client, with the emphasis on the client. We’ve worked with Christine and believe her holistic approach allows you to focus on every aspect of your life (physical, mental, and emotional health) by creating positive lifestyle changes based on your unique needs and personal goals.

She helps women, like Melissa, identify and rewrite self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, actions, and habits so they can regain and embrace their self-trust and thrive in self-love and acceptance through a series of workshops and proven techniques.  She does not prescribe or suggest the changes that need to be made – her clients must be willing to do the work and create the reality they want, and we all know change is not easy. 

"Change isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to take an honest and unfiltered view of
yourself and believe that the #1 thing keeping you from creating the reality you want
is the story you are telling yourself, then the self-discovery becomes exciting"

Christine’s ‘Be Well’ advice

“Everything you need to live a happy, healthy and successful life is already there - it’s inside
of you. Be open, be willing and believe in yourself.”

- Christine Semple