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“I want people to know they aren’t alone. Nobody is so special that they are the only ones who have walked through something. Life is not easy, not for any of us, but I would rather be here having endured these challenges than the alternative.”

At Modern Prairie, we are committed to amplifying the stories of ‘Modern Mavens’ – 

A maven is a woman who stands out amongst her peers, holds true to herself, and perseveres under challenging or ambiguous situations because she knows in the end, that she will accomplish what she started out to do.

These women have directly impacted our lives, and there are many inspirational women out there who we have yet to identify because we want their stories to come from you.  


Because we don’t pretend to have all of the answers and we want to amplify and support the voices of those that do.  

We know it is meaningful, impactful and can inspire change.

We believe we can create a community for women to share, learn and engage with each other about topics and products that are relevant and important – and we know that as a collective we are better and stronger than as individuals.

It’s time to celebrate the voices of these women who have succeeded – in their own right, on their own terms.

Know of a Modern Maven and want to share her story?

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