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Winter Memories From Melissa

We shot a special Christmas episode every season it seemed. We would shoot them months before so, for me, it felt like we were celebrating Christmas in summer. I absolutely loved those episodes. I was a little girl and the chance to celebrate Christmas twice- once real and once reel was an unimaginable treat for me. For all of us. This photo is from behind the scenes of the episode The Blizzard. We actually shot this one in January that year. I know this because I got the greatest gift of my life to that point. My sister Sara was born while we were filming. Apparently Mike and the crew knew my mother had gone into labor but they didn’t want me to worry, so they kept it to themselves. Late that afternoon they called me to the stage phone. My stepfather was on the line. He asked me how my day was going and made small talk. Then just before he hung up he said “Oh, by the way, your sister is here!”. I screamed like a crazy person and started jumping around and crying. I was beside myself. Everyone was applauding and laughing. Which was kind of prophetic since my sister has created a very successful career making people laugh and applaud. She was my first baby…. My Sara Rebecca…my real live baby doll. I loved her, coddled and cuddled her. Played with her endlessly. She is one of my all time favorite people in the world. As I type this, I am sitting in her beautiful home. She is hosting the whole family for Christmas for the first time and we are staying with her through the holiday. She is a highly accomplished business woman, producer and actor. I am so, so proud of her, not just for all she has done but for all the wonderful things she is. She is a big grown up now with children of her own but she will always, always be my first baby. I’m wishing all of you and your families Merry Christmas, happy Chanukkah, Kwanzaaa or whatever holiday you celebrate. And here is to much happiness, health and love to all of you in the New Year.

With love and kisses,

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