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Letter from Melissa

Letter from Melissa

Happy “Galentine’s Day” to all of you extraordinary women!

I have to say that this date, February 14th, has always been a strange one for me.

As a wee child, there was the pressure of which special Valentine card I was going going to choose for my crush.I would agonize over that silly box of Valentines for my class choosing and re-choosing just the right one.

As a young adult, I imbued it with so much importance as it is the day after the anniversary of my father’s death. As a consequence, I viewed Valentine’s Day as the day that would somehow make up for the feelings of grief and loss from the day before. That’s an awful lot of pressure to put on a partner, or poor even little Cupid. Now here I am at this place in my life. I’ve moved through a lot of the grief so for a few years, Valentine’s Day became a true and traditional way to celebrate the love in my life, or the love of my life, my sweet husband, Tim.

But, this year it is has changed yet again. This year I am filled with all of the love from our Modern Prairie community and it has reminded me of just how important our female friends are in our lives. My girlfriends truly are my life rafts. So on this day I want to celebrate them and all of you. This year I am truly leaning into “Galentines Day”. I hope you will too. Go celebrate with a group of friends. Or your BFF. Send a card, or flowers. Go out to lunch. Have a spa day. Make this day whatever you want it to be, this year and in the coming years.

I send you all so much love and gratitude for your support of Modern Prairie. I am so proud of our amazing community and I look forward to seeing you all at some of our events soon.

Until then, stay well. Be kind to yourselves.

With oceans of love,  

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