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Self-love and acceptance are always hard to achieve yet ever evolving - especially now when everyone’s lives are on display and accessible via digital media. Often what you see day-to-day is like a highlight reel where everything looks so easy - but we know life, and perfection, are not. It’s easy to look at other women and create a narrative for them based upon how we are feeling, not what we know of them. After all, we are complex (and wonderful!) beings whose lives are multi-faceted, so the only way to know about another women is to engage and ask questions - get to know them, hear their story!

When I first met Christine, I was struck by her appearance and her presence - she is beautiful and approachable - yet I had no idea of the struggles she went through with addiction, self-deprecation, loathing and emptiness until she shared these with me. Her vulnerability helped me uncover and realize that we must dig beyond the surface and try and find commonalities with each other so that we can connect and evolve. Her techniques in helping women (re)evaluate their part in being “stuck” whether that be in their careers, financial, familial or personal circumstances, and allow her clients to create solutions to begin to TRUST themselves again, are exceptional. I can’t wait for you all to meet her in a series of discussions we call the “Season of Change” starting with a Facebook & Instagram Live event at the end of this month (check us out @officialmodernprairie or sign up for our newsletter for more details).

I am also SO thrilled to introduce you to a concept we call “Meet our Makers” where we highlight the female artisans and makers we’ve collaborated with the past few months.  

They are women from all walks and stages of life, and masters of their crafts, and we are eager to share their stories, and products, with you.  

We will be introducing each maker and sharing their stories throughout the next several weeks – it’s truly been such an honor to meet these individuals and it makes me so proud of the work we’re doing here in amplifying women’s stories.

Meet our makers

Story telling is such an integral part of our brand  – it connects us and gives us a reason to engage and I know you’ll love what we have in store. 

I want to thank all of you for being on this journey with us – and to those who’ve sent us your comments and emails I want to let you know that our team, including myself, read through them all.  The vulnerability and trust that you extend to us in sharing your stories means the world to us and gives a renewed commitment to the Modern Prairie universe we are creating, together.

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