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The Power of Human Connection

At Modern Prairie we believe that products are more than just products, they are stories waiting to be told - and this Autumn we are thrilled to introduce you to several businesses who are making an impact to their communities. A social enterprise in Chicago who is "lighting the way" for young mothers, Bright Endeavors, has a mission to strengthen families by partnering with young moms as they progress toward housing stability, economic mobility, and family well-being. A fourth-generation family farm in Poplar Grove that's become a place where families can create traditions that celebrate the local tastes of autumn. A pottery company whose dedication to its employees and community lends more than just spectacular products, where kindness is their recipe for success. A small town where its constituents are working together to modernize and create jobs by establishing new businesses. And finally, a horse farm, where I was able to reconnect with my love of animals. I am so thankful for these experiences and look forward to sharing all their stories with you.

In the past few years, we've been deprived of human interaction, connecting on a physical level. Being with my team and my best-friend Sandy, who I haven't seen in person for 2 years, and spending time in the Midwest made me realize how important storytelling and connections are. We all come from somewhere, have a story, and have specific experiences that make us who we are - and we should be proud of them. We were welcomed with open arms and without judgement, and I felt like I was home. Sometimes I forget about the impact Little House on the Prairie has on the lives of so many individuals and generations, and how the lessons taught throughout the series are still relevant today. Lessons like treating others how you want to be treated, no matter what. How honesty and integrity will never fail you. The importance and prioritization of family, community, and connection verses material possessions. I was reminded of this when I sat down with a young girl, Aliza. She had heard I was coming to the orchard and wanted to ask me a few questions about the show and my character, Laura, who she said was her favorite. Her grandmother, mother, and now Aliza, grew up with Little House on the Prairie. I was humbled that Aliza had taken the time to write her questions down on paper to make sure that I'd answered them all - the bonus was that she made a drawing for me - and the overall experience was so precious. It reminded me to slow down, take a minute and focus on the present. In the short time I spent getting to know Aliza and her family, I was able to laugh, engage, connect, and feel reinspired - I felt hopeful again. While our initial reason for visiting the orchard was to learn about apples, it became so much more.

Edwards Apple Orchard

Bright Endeavors

The Hazienda

Rowe Pottery

Sunflower Fields Forever

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