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Our Modern Mavens for June…

Meet Gayle Roberts (above, left), best friend and nominator of Lisa Ford (above, right), Owner of the Wild Sweet Williams Baking House in Searcy, Arkansas.  

Gayle wrote to us nominating Lisa and her award winning ‘Arkansas best-of bakery’ because,

“Lisa sees the bakery as a vehicle for Love, a way to convey acceptance and beauty to all people in a world that does not always accept everyone.”

Photo taken in 2016 before the bakery when Lisa and Gayle were wholesaling their goodies.

“What started out as a gift for our daughters has become a gift for me. Our friendship, and the hard work we’ve put into our relationship, was the catalyst in creating the bakery - which has become a space focused on Inclusivity, Positivity and Belonging. It’s enabled us to find ourselves, our voices and each other. We make these beautiful, tasty, and artistic creations with our hands and then get to share them with others - and it makes such an impact. “Breaking bread” with people of different walks of life can really change the trajectory of a community - Whether you’re a customer or employee, the experience you have with us after you walk through our doors should be infectious and passed to others throughout the day.”

- Lisa Ford, Owner of the Wild Sweet Williams Baking House

“We have over 4,000 sq. feet of space -- It’s a lovely space where our community can come and experience something wonderful. Searcy is conservative and we strive to stand out as a place that is inclusive and welcomes everyone. I lead by example and have found my purpose and passion through acceptance and understanding which I encourage in others. We don’t promote our business through signs or billboards, its through the word-of-mouth in the community and simply making what we make and in leading through compassion.”

- Lisa