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Many of us have grown up with Melissa and have seen her navigate through various phases of her life with humility and authenticity – she’s relatable and nostalgic. For many of us, though there is a not a direct relationship with her, she exudes a familiarity and warmth – a trust. As her husband so beautifully writes in her new book, Back to the Prairie,
She is kind, sweet, determined, funny, and a champion in the charity of forgiveness. Her fans think of her as a grown-up Laura Ingalls Wilder, the character she played throughout her childhood on the classic TV show Little House on the Prairie. If you’re talking about her heart and soul, wisdom and humanity, and eagerness to learn, you aren’t wrong.

If you read Melissa’s book, you will quite clearly see that she is a lot like each and every one of us.

We all tend to think that actresses have the perfect life – lots of financial success, not a care in the world, notoriety, etc.  We may forget that she, like you, is a real person who puts one foot in front of the other every day to make things happen.  Though not perfect, she is a relatable and kind human being.

Like many of us, she has gone through many changes in her life – all of which she embraces and reflects upon.  As the creative force, partner, and inspiration behind Modern Prairie, we believe she can represent women who may be in a new phase of their lives – whether they like it or not.  With her honesty, we’ve seen her tackle and bring tough topics forward, those that traditionally get pushed into the background because they are age-related.  Age is just a number, but as women, once we cross that age barrier where changes begin to happen, it can feel isolating and scary – especially when there aren’t many resources out there to encourage conversation, understanding and discovery.

We’ve chosen Melissa as our muse and maven and are so thankful to get to work with her every day. Her passion and purpose for empowering women through change and her ability to use her voice to amplify lessons she’s learned through her experiences, is something we know will be impactful to so many.

We’ve all lived through our own trials and tribulations and have our own stories to share – we’re excited to take this journey together with you, as women!

Melissa’s ‘Be Well’ advice – “We all are so much more alike than we know. We are resilient and fragile at the same time, and it’s vital to recognize this and support each other through the ups and downs with understanding and kindness.”