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Meet Highland Ridge Decor

Family is the central focus at Highland Ridge — It’s where we live, it’s where we work, and it’s where we feel at home. Here, everyone is family. That means you!

We are honored that you invite us into your homes, and we do not take it lightly! When you purchase our work, you buy something that’s been lovingly made, from the initial design process to shipping your order out. We take pride in making high-quality unique items to make your space more cozy, organized, cheerful and inviting.

Steve and Stephanie began Highland Ridge Decor in 2016, based out of Steve’s shop on Highland Ridge Road. Stephanie had been working in graphic design for a while and Steve had an itch to buy a new toy for the family farm– a CNC plasma cutter. A smart salesman suggested we team together and make a business out of it, and the rest is history. Steve kept his day job running the farm with his father and two sons, and makes our art on rainy days. Stephanie pivoted to running the business while staying home with her small children, and they are both assisted by a team that keeps everything running smoothly.

We enjoy being able to work together as a family, and hope our work makes your family’s space that much more enjoyable.

How It's Made

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