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Spring brings <br>fruity delights, oh my!

Spring brings
fruity delights, oh my!

Let's embrace the season <br />of new beginnings

Let's embrace the season
of new beginnings

and add a little ruffle to our step! 🌸✨

Things are looking up

Things are looking up

– Spring is on the horizon!
In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

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Upcoming Events

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About Us

Modern Prairie is a brand centered around the modern, mature women and their needs, focusing on empowering them to regain their confidence through aging.

As we age it can feel like a struggle to be seen and heard which can result in us feeling isolated or that we don’t belong. At Modern Prairie, we want to change that by creating a space where women can share their stories, ask questions and learn from each other.

Melissa's Corner

Hi everyone,

I hope this update finds you all well! As you may know, March is International Friendship Month. This is a time to celebrate the wonderful relationships we have with our friends near and far, and to reflect on the importance of these connections in our lives.

In honor of this special month, I wanted to share with you all about my recent experience when we got to spend time with many of our partners, and talented artisans, from the Northeast. As you may know, at Modern Prairie we are passionate about supporting local artisans and bringing their beautiful creations to our customers…

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Are you ready to have some fun, learn something new and connect with other women? 

It’s your time and we’re so happy you are here.

We believe in

(Re) Discovering

From the grandest editorial feature to the surprise benefits of a butter bell, everything presented in our universe has a story that explains why we believe it’s worth treasuring.We curate products, experiences and content that have their own unique heritage and history – our goal is to help people (re)discover the products that enrich and enhance their lives and give visibility to those individuals who create them.

Embracing the Possibility of Change

Our goal is to empower you to shift your narrative around the uncertainty of change - especially as we age. The topics and conversations that we address are aimed at helping you navigate and gain power in your aging. Bringing our maven’s stories to life gives them a voice and raises awareness so that others seeking direction, can find their inspiration, passion and purpose.

Celebrating Women

We believe in celebrating Modern Mavens – unique and inspiring women, who’ve found their voices and rediscovered their passions, wherever they may be. We carefully hand-select the individuals we collaborate with, focusing on those that share our values of purpose, and togetherness. We appreciate and understand that there are women who are making a difference every day and we want to hear their stories.

The Knitty Gritty Podcast with Melissa and Susie

Are you ready to get down to the ‘knitty gritty’ with some real conversation? Join Melissa Gilbert-Busfield and Susie Shubert as they talk about all the good things and the wisdom and freedom that come with growing older…

truths, laughs & inspiration
such a fun podcast & you guys are so great together 🙂 .. truths, laughs & inspiration!

jmunday 88


Fun Show!
Love listening to these two!



(relevant experiential addictive lovely)

Anna Schrock



Prairie Craft

Craft means great products, individually and lovingly made by a creator who cares

Green Thumb

Life begins the day you start a garden – it’s the purest of human pleasures.

Prairie Kitchen

A Gathering place for family and friends – a place where memories are made and seasoned with love


What They Say

Read how our products have impacted the lives of our community members.


It is people like you who make the world a better place!! 


I just have to say I so appreciate all the detail you include in your emails....even this one. The way you describe Melissa is how I would describe you and I don’t even know you. You both are putting yourselves out there and we can all learn from it. You make great partners for this journey. 


ENJOYING THE PODCAST SOSOSOSO much! It’s like sitting around having coffee with sisters or friends and just having a fun but meaningful convo.


I thank you for carefully selecting items that speak to those of us who find ourselves in a market that seems to cater to everyone but mature women! In this season, I find myself home more than ever before. It is my desire that I am surrounded by beautiful pieces that are functional.