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Green Thumb

“When I garden, I feel an innate and undeniable sense of satisfaction from both the physical labor and the awareness that I am doing something to nurture myself and pursuing something greater than myself.”

- Melissa , Back to the Prairie

There is nothing more satisfying than creating new life in the garden! Whether you’re a novice or have mastered your own green thumb we’ve created a space for you to share, learn and grow!

Melissa enjoys tilling the soil so that she can lay new seed and grow her vegetables.
Wellies - but make it fashion!
"My hands were calloused and my fingernails broken and full of dirt - They had never looked worse or felt more productive!" - Back to the Prairie
Seeds have been added to the soil and the crops labeled
Garden goals - holding our breath until May
Dogs love to dig in but keep a watchful eye...Melissa's dog Chicago has a blast!

Whether you’re unsure of where to start or have been gardening for years, we’re excited to share our tips and tricks from our Modern Garden Maven, Sis (Estelle) Mack owner of Dutch Hill Greenhouses

Our Prairie Picks for the Garden Enthusiast in all of us are below - From tools & accessories to artisanal masterpieces from the USA, these will help your “Green Thumb” (and garden) blossom

Essential Gardening Tools

Gardening IRL (in real life) Items we ♥ and can’t get enough of…
Now you can too