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Unroll Your Creativity: Learn to Make Rolled Beeswax Candles

A Prairie Craft Workshop Hosted by Liz Wagner of Crafter

Learn how to make hand-rolled beeswax candles using the warmth of your own hands. This cozy craft doesn’t involve any melting or hot wax, making it a quick and family-friendly activity.

In this live, virtual class, you’ll create a range of candle shapes and sizes and learn how to handle beeswax sheets for candle making, make cuts, and pick the best wick size. The possibilities are seemingly endless as you make tapered, fluted, pillar, beehive, and decorative floating candles. Combine different colors and play with cut shapes to further customize your designs.

“Beeswax is one of my favorite materials to interact with, on a sensory level and on a creative level,” says Liz. Since the Middle Ages when it was introduced, beeswax has been a preferred choice for candles. This natural byproduct of honey production has a bright and warm burn with a pleasant smell. For centuries, the cost of beeswax was prohibitive for most people, and beeswax candles were reserved mostly for religious services and affluent households. Today, this natural and historical substance is more attainable and a favorite for many candle makers.

“Once you know the basics of the techniques and are familiar with the properties of the materials, you can expand your creativity into making something totally unique,” shares Liz. “This type of creating resonates with me most. Why waste time and money collecting objects that are mass-produced? Redirecting that effort and energy to learn a new skill and create one-of-a-kind belongings is such a wonderful way to enrich life.”

Spaces are limited, so grab a spot while you can. We can’t wait to see you (virtually!).

Session will be hosted via Zoom. Links will be shared upon registration confirmation.

This workshop includes:
– Detailed digital instruction led by Liz Wagner
– A live Maker Chat Q&A for our community to join in on a creative conversation with the artist
– Access to the recording of the workshop

Skill Level: Beginner

TIME: 12-1:00pm EST

Required Materials: Natural Beeswax Materials Kit -or- White Beeswax Materials Kit Please purchase from Crafter directly.

Materials to have at home:
Cutting mat or large piece of cardboard

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