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Monday, January 30th, 2023

Setting the Intention: Part 3, Sharing Your Vision

We’re ready to head into February! 

Our Vision Boards are almost complete, and we are ready to share our intentions with one another.  Vision boards are a great way to keep track of your goals, what inspires you, and what your Word of the Year is, and we look forward to bringing everyone together. 

About the workshop: In this session, we encourage you to connect with other members of the community as you share your vision boards and what you look forward to in 2023.  Using the techniques that Susie and Christine have shared in the previous sessions, you will have an opportunity to engage with one another in smaller groups.  

Technology: Connect using Zoom on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.  Zoom invite will be shared once you register for the event.

Class Preparation: Please come prepared with your vision boards so that you can share them with the class.

Class Participation: Chime in with questions through audio or chat. Use of video is optional.

Class Size: Spaces are limited to 100 participants to provide an opportunity for all guests to participate and ask questions.

Event Duration: 1 Hour

Register for the Session!